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May 2, 2007

To our dear friends and family,

We are trusting all is well with you.

We've stayed busy since our return to the US in mid March. We first spent some time with both of our children. It was great to be ‘a family’ again, even if for a short time.

Our son Luca, had plans to head to Seattle in April for an interview with a fishing company, so we car-pooled and drove together as far as the Portland-Vancouver area where Larry and Darlene stayed to visit family and friends. Luca visited grandparents and cousins there and continued his travels north the following day. He was hired on after his interview and flew to Alaska for his 90-day fishing contract. We are praying for his daily health and safety.

We stayed to be with Darlene’s dad who had a stint installation in his curative artery April 19th. All went well as hoped, and he is anxious to return to his golf game soon. On the return travel to Arizona, we were able to stop and visit a children’s ministry in Nevada, who have our application for employment and also visited with staff at a ‘Youth with a Mission’ base there. Additionally, we were extremely blessed to stop in Flagstaff, Arizona to finally meet Millie, one of the directors of the YWAM base. We enjoyed the fellowship and great hospitality after months of only communicating by email. We left excited, knowing we want to keep in contact with the ministry there.

Now back in Arizona, we continue to be busy applying for employment, looking for lodging, and preparing to help our daughter Angela move, as her apartment lease expires May 31st. God is proving that life can be just as exciting in mid-life as any other time! He is so faithful.

We pray God’s good will and desire for you so that,
“Your sons in their youth be as grown-up plants, and your daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace; and your garners be full, furnishing every kind of produce, and your flocks bring forth thousands and ten thousands in your fields; and that your cattle bear without mishap and without loss, let there be no outcry in the streets! How blessed are the people who are so situated; How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!” Psalm 144:12-15

Until next time,

Larry and Darlene Hansen


March 18, 2007

Dear Ones,

We are happy to report our goal to obtain our diplomas from the school of Biblical Counseling in beautiful Pichilemu, Chile, was accomplished by each of us! It
was sad to say good-bye to our new friends in South America, but when we put our feet on US soil almost a week ago, it felt like home. We were picked up at the airport by our daughter Angela, who we are staying with at the present. It has been a blessing to visit with her and our son Lucas, whom we have not seen for more than 18 months.

We’ve been catching up on much needed rest, and now are setting our vision towards the next faith steps in our journey. Some things are very clear, others still very foggy. One thing we know is this is a year of preparation.
Proverbs 24:27 says, “Prepare your work outside and make it ready for yourself in the field; afterwards, then, build your house.”
A priority at the moment is for Larry to regain his health and strength. Secondly, we are talking with different contacts in ministry to receive Godly counsel for our vision in ministry. We have a goal to obtain non-profit organization status this year, as well as saving money to continue with our goals in children’s ministry. Darlene also believes this is the season to finish her book she felt directed to write several years back.

So although there are not a lot of answers to share at this time, we are in the middle of God’s caring hand and feel complete peace.
Thank you for all who’ve kept us on your regular prayer list. Keep the letters coming, they’re really appreciated.

Blessings to you,
Larry and Darlene Hansen

Hello all!
We made a typo error in our last newsletter. We stated that we’ll finish our work with the church here in Lima, leave on May 5th, but it should have said, March 5th with our graduation on March 10th. Also we will fly out on March 11th, to arrive in Phoenix, Arizona around 11:00 pm on the 12th
Sorry for confusion it might have cause!
Larry & Darlene

February 11, 2007

Greetings from sunny Peru!
Our time of outreach ministry is passing by in a flash. We’ve learned so much and are experiencing God’s faithfulness in new ways every day. It’s incredible that now in our ‘middle age’ we are learning so many things we’ve believed and lived for years which have actually been false belief systems. It’s really true when God says in Proverbs 4:18 that “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until the full day.” If we are willing to listen, God is merciful to continue to teach us new ways to live in freedom!

Although we’ve worked out of one main church body here in Lima, we’ve also had teachings and counseling with people in surrounding fellowships in the local area. The people continue to feed and feed us. It seems to be one of their greatest honors. We are extremely blessed and are thankful our health has improved considerably. Thank you for the prayers! We are preparing to leave tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 13th to another town. We plan to travel north by bus to Chanchemayo, to assist in disaster relief for flood victims in the area. We’ll be working in the jungle with 12 members of a local church located an hour away. We are praying this will be an encouragement to those who’ve lost possessions and their hope. We don’t know exactly what to expect, but believe we are going there for a special purpose.

At this moment, the plan is to return to Lima after helping out in Chanchemayo. We’ll finish our work with the same church here, leave on May 5th, and travel 3 days by bus to Chile, returning to the base in Pichilemu, for a short debriefing followed by our school graduation on May 10th. We are blessed to have found a fairly ‘good’ price for airline tickets to return to the US. This price includes a scenic view, complete with the opportunity to visit 3 other Latin American countries while changing planes. (the catch is that we can’t leave the airports) We are scheduled to leave Santiago, Chile at 6:30 am Sunday morning, May 11th, to arrive in Phoenix, Arizona around 11:00 pm on the 12th (4:00 am Chilean time). There’s no doubt we’ll sleep well that night!

Although we have many exciting ideas and dreams about ministry for the future, nothing is set in stone except for the promises in our hearts. The first thing we are really looking forward to, is visiting with our children and catching up on their lives. When the opportunity presents its self, we will be blessed to share and visit with each of you. Your prayers and encouragement have meant so much.

Until next time,
Grace be with you,
Larry and Darlene Hansen

January 12, 2007

To our dear friends and family,

Well, here we are at the start of a new year! We will be faced with numerous choices, each with paths that lead in different directions. As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we can look back on past decisions and say, “what if I had done this differently?” We’re so thankful for the promise that God gives in Proverbs 3:5-6, that when we trust in God and don’t lean on our human understanding, He will direct our paths in the right way. This is our prayer for you, and for ourselves in the days to come.

The people of Peru are so hospitable! We feel very accepted and loved here. The people consider it such an honor to have us in their homes. They especially want to feed us well. Each time we’re invited, they give us a huge plate of food and just watch us eat with big smiles on their faces. The problem is that we don’t have space in our stomachs for all the food!

We´ve received updates from some of you in the US who are suffering extreme cold. Here in South America we are braving the warm climate of mid-summer. Although air-conditioners are not common, we are thankful to have some osculating fans that help us to sleep more comfortably at night.

We have recently faced challenges and seen many miracles. We’ve seen God answer on our behalf in things like a place to live here in Peru, to helping us with our teachings and counseling in another language. We’ve had struggles with health, overcoming cultural and communication barriers as well as unexpected expenses in renewing our visas to stay here, but in each area God has been faithful to encourage and give us the strength we need.

Although our goal has not been evangelism, we’ve personally seen 3 people come to trust in Jesus as their Savior since the first of the year. The lady who owns the small apartment we’re staying, although not a believer, has asked us to pray for her family. It’s exciting to personally see God do more than we ask or think.

God has confirmed to us that we are to return to the US after our graduation, so we will be looking for flight tickets to head back in mid-March. Thank you to those who pray regularly for us, we can’t tell you how much it means!

May God reveal His great plans for each of you daily, bless your lives with His presence, and fill you with His joy,
Until later,
Larry and Darlene Hansen


December 20, 2006

Hola todos!

We are very thankful to finally be here in sunny Peru, South America. We arrived Dec 14th, after a 3+ day bus ride from Buenos Aires, Argentina where we attended a phenomenal YWAM international conference. It was the same location where we attended our Discipleship Training school last year. We were so excited to see many of our fellow students and leaders who are still serving locally in missions. In route to Lima, we enjoyed many views as we traveled the Pacific coast line. We arrived Thursday night to be met at the station by some wonderfully hospitable people from the church. They fed us well and provided us and the other married couple with accommodations of a room near the church. We have been sleeping on the floor, but a young lady donated her bed on Monday & now we are really sleeping in comfort! (Larry is really excited that there is no trace of fleas here.) The meals are terrific & the church is certainly taking care of us well in this department!

Our present location is in the south of Lima. We are told this area is middle class, but it appears to be more like the ghetto-type neighborhoods of the US. There are many drug problems, theft and suspicion. We have been instructed to not go outside alone. There are double lock doors for both the church and all residences in the area. Our room shares the roof with many other homes where we hang dry our laundry. We can hear loud conversations, barking dogs, chickens, roosters, turkeys, radios, TVs, ect. We enjoy heading up there to escape our sense of enclosure & to watch the activity below. The streets are filled with activity and the very cute & maneuverable ‘moto taxi’.

Monday we started a 2 week training seminar for the church leadership that is two hours each evening, Monday though Friday. There are approximately 120 leaders attending. Darlene taught Tuesday, using a translator, but has a goal to be teaching without translation in another month. During the days we are giving individual counseling & ministry for those who ask. This is such a growth process for us. We are being challenged & stretched in ways we didn’t realize our capacities. God is amazing & so faithful.

We do not have a signal available to use our computer for internet, so we will try to sneak off to a local internet café at least once a week. We love receiving your notes & hearing what is happening in your lives.

Although Christmas is this coming week, it’s hard to find real evidence of it here. It is warm below the layer of gray haze, and there is definitely no pressure of the last minute shopping. The only festive music we hear is our own and there is not a decorated tree in sight, but we are remembering, never the less, the great gift who came to earth for each of us. This is His special day!
We will be spending Christmas with the church pastor and his family. We pray that your holidays are blessed, safe and filled with God’s special presence. We send our hugs & wishes over the miles.

Thank you for you prayers and encouraging letters.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with lots of love,
Lorenzo (Larry) and Darlene Hansen


November 25, 2006

Hello everyone!
We’re trusting our American friends had a blessed Thanksgiving celebration. We were thrilled to be invited to a home of Americans here in Pichilemu to share the tradional meal with them along with 28 other students and staff from the US. It was fun to share stories of all we have to be thankful for. We are very blessed and thankful for our families. We missed each of you, as we do daily. It was so great to be able to hear your voices on the phone!

We can hardly believe that our lecture phase of school is nearly complete. We will finish our schooling by traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina to attend the national conference. Our counseling school will leave Pichilemu by bus on the 3rd of December along with students from the Discipleship Training School and other staff members. The conference starts on December 4th and will last a week. We will depart from Buenos Aires to our outreach locations for 3 months of our practical phase of counseling.

We are So excited to be a part of the team to Peru! This has been our dream for 2 years now, and one of the reasons we took our schooling in South America. Our team is small, consisting of 3 Brazilians, our leader from Bolivia and us. Our leader, Jose understands some English, but is nervous to speak; one of the Brazilians speaks some English. Other than that, it will be a great opportunity for our Spanish vocabulary to expand!

We will try to keep you updated on how things are going. We’re not sure yet of accommodations, internet connection or available communication.
For those who believe in prayer, we’d ask you to remember us as we travel, for unity in our team, and for God to give us grace for communication.
We’re excited for what lies ahead. We want to be instruments of healing where we go and take every opportunity to serve.

Until next time,

Love and blessings from the Hansens
Lorenzo y Darlene

November 10, 2006

Greetings from Chile!
As most of you are enjoying the crisp mornings and mountains of fresh, damp leaves across your yards, we are enjoying acres of beautiful spring flowers.
Everywhere we turn, it’s impossible to escape the variety of color and newness of life.
It’s incredible to see tall palm trees, lush jungle foliage and various cacti
all in the same glance.
We have not as of yet experienced an extremely warm day here in Pichilemu, and we understand that is very rare here any time of the year.
We enjoy the view of the ocean daily, as the YWAM base is seated on top of a fertile hill overlooking the picturous surf.
We are blessed with this serene setting as we find ourselves dealing with personal struggles within the context of learning how to listen to and counsel others.
We know that for the remainder of our lives on this earth, we will be grateful for this blessing and opportunity from God to learn about ourselves.
We are able to experience healing and learn to share God’s love and grace with others, all the while surrounded by supportive staff who have hearts to minister.
We knew we had our work cut out for us when we arrived seven weeks ago,
but couldn’t really imagine what was ahead.
Our day starts at 6:30 am, and ends after 10 pm.
We have lots of required memorization and writing assignments.
We are involved with a small group of married couples that meets twice weekly,
we attend a community service Friday evenings
and a local church service on Saturday nights.
We’ve appreciated getting to know the students and staff,
and bit by bit we are expanding our Spanish vocabulary.
We’ve been blessed by ministering weekly in a local retirement home,
a home for the mentally handicapped and the local hospital.
We also prepare dinner twice a week at the base.
Our room is off base, so we get our daily exercise going back and forth for class,
meals and work duty.
We’ve faced many challenges including an intense battle with fleas.
Larry is very allergic to them, so we’ve learned to shake out our clothes before entering our room and removing our shoes.
We have also tried various pesticides on the floor and under our mattress.
Larry has tried different antihistamines and topical medications and thankfully has found that Zinc Oxide reduces swelling, dries and speeds up the healing process.
We hear that the peak flea season should end shortly and the mosquitoes will begin…
we’ll see? It’s an adventure!
We miss all our family, and especially want to honor and say, “happy birthday” to our children who both have birthdays in November.
Our son Lucas, turns 25 on the 16th,
and our lovely daughter Angela, turns 23 on November 30th.
We love you, Luc! We love you, Angela! You are both VERY special gifts to us.
We’ll be thinking of you on your special days!
Thank you to each one who prays for us and all who send letters of encouragement.
You are appreciated!
Until next time… much love & many blessings,
Chow, Lorenzo y Darlene Hansen

September 23, 2006

Hola todos!
Here we are!
What a sight as we took in the view of mountains, green hills and vast acreage of various agricultural patterns, to land safely in Santiago, Chile
after a total of 13 hours and 50 min flight time.
We were rummy from lack of sleep, but after passing through immigration we were surprised to be greeted by YWAM staff who were kind to pick us up,
along with another student who flew in from Seattle, WA to attend our same school.
After a 3 ½ hour drive to Pichilemu, we were excited to see another student from Switzerland, who was in our last school in Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires.
She is also attending our counseling school.
We learned that this class will not be as small as we had anticipated, 8 other married couples and 22 singles for a total of 42 students!

What a beautiful place this is!
Everything is so green with rolling hills and shrubbery, resembling many places in the NW. The ocean is visible from the base.
We are also blessed with a private room with our own bathroom complete with hot water (eventhough the temp does not stay consistent) in contrast to our last school where we shared a bathroom with staff males & NO hot water.
We arrived to lots of wind & cold, as winter is just now giving way to spring.
Many of the streets are wet and flooded from the recent rains.

We settled in last night, enjoyed a hot meal prepared by the base & attended a joint community service for staff, students & local residents.
We enjoyed a great night’s sleep & despite the wind outside, we slept past 9 am this morning.
Today is Darlene’s birthday,
but we will choose to lay low & rest to prepare for classes that begin on Monday.

We were pleased to learn that there is wireless reception at the base (in the middle of a field) where we can check e-mail & keep in touch without going into town.
So write us, OK?

Until later,
Blessings to all,
The Hansens

September 20, 2006

To all the special people in our lives,

Tomorrow is the day we board the plane
in Portland, OR
and head to the hopefully friendly skies on route to Chile, South America
via Atlanta Georgia.
We are looking forward to our 6 month adventure
and have appreciated all the time spent with family and friends this past summer.

Thank you so much for your prayers each time you remember us.
We will attempt to send regular updates via e-mail.
Thank you to Aunt Adella for her labor of love
in developing and maintaining a website for us.
Thanks to all who have been so hospitable, given moral support and sent financial gifts. We are blessed beyond all imagination!

Please send us notes & we promise to answer.

Lots of love & blessings from the Hansens
Larry & Darlene

If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please reply to advise us.
Thank you!

July 23, 2006
Dearest Friends & Family,

Finally, once again we’ll attempt to spell out on paper our long overdue update on happenings of our lives. It seems ages ago when we sat down to write the ‘Christmas in July’ letter last year. So much has happened since then. How can we help but be so thankful for all that’s happened and really excited for everything that lies ahead!

In September of 2005, we resigned our jobs to board the flight to Buenos Aires. We didn’t know what to expect as we headed to the ‘Youth with a Mission’ base in Ituzaingo. We knew we were ‘called’ to work with high-risk kids and train them for ministry. We also knew our personal backgrounds and history of working together with children was a foundation for our journey in the future. We were accepted to the 5 month Discipleship Training School, and were confident that God would give us direction for our continued path. Not knowing for sure if we would stay in South America, we had purchased a one-way ticket. We were told there was an opportunity to work in an Aids home for children after school, so we were prepared for anything. (and so we thought!)

It didn’t take long to discover that this school was not the typical ‘text-book’ school. It was not so much about what we learned, but who we are. We both went through individual identity revolutions that hopefully will continue for the remainder of our lives. In the end, we realized how much we don’t know! We both agreed that we needed to move on to another school of Biblical Counseling. This is something we need for both ourselves and the children we desire to minister with. We also believed that God wanted us to return to the US after school for family.

We returned to the states in March, just in time for Darlene’s grandmother’s 90th birthday party. It was so special to see everyone who came to honor her and once again thank God for the heritage He’s given to us. Afterwards, we traveled to Arizona to join our daughter, Angela. Unknown to us, she had been battling with blood sugar and low blood pressure problems. Only 1 day after we arrived, we were awakened at 1:00 am to a loud crash in the bathroom. Angela had passed out and was unconscious with a split-open chin and broken teeth. Darlene attempted to revive her with yogurt under her lips as Larry called 911. She spent the night in the hospital where several tests were administered. Doctors stated that if she had been alone that night, she may never have regained consciousness. Thankfully, she now knows warning signs to look for in the future.

Darlene’s parents unexpectantly became guardians for their 22 month old and 3 year old great-grandchildren in the month of April. They had a trip planned to the Ukraine in May, so we were available to care for the great-niece and nephew for 3 weeks. This was a great challenge as well as a blessing for us.

In June we had the privilege to volunteer at a children’s home south of San Vicente, Baja Mexico. On the return back, we visited the YWAM base in Ensenada, and spoke with the directors there. We were able to assist Darlene’s uncle with his move in Phoenix, and free to help out with the ‘Beat the Heat’ program, ministering to the homeless at our local church. The last week of June we traveled to northern Arizona to visit a ministry to Native Americans. ‘Tribal Winds’ ministers to and trains the Hopi Indians on their own lands to reach their peoples. Although the directors of this YWAM base were gone on outreach, we spoke with young people involved in Hopi land. We have spoken with the directors since and communicated by e-mail and will pray about involvement in the future.

We were able to assist Angela with an open-house BBQ on the 4th of July, and have enjoyed the time spent with her these past months. Our son, Luca continues to live in India. We were delighted to speak with him by phone a couple of weeks ago. He finds himself in a place of re-evaluating his goals and plans. It has been a difficult year as many of his close friends have married and began families. He’s missing the companionship of those close relationships and appreciates the notes of encouragement and prayers sent by many.

In mid-July we were contacted by the director of Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. He asked us to consider working to cover vacations for the house parents. This is the home we ministered at for 5 years here in Arizona. We had previously applied to the School of Biblical Counseling in Chile, but had not received a response. Sunshine Acres would agree for us to come on a temporary basis. We agreed, and the day after received a confirmation to the school. We will be working through August at the children’s home, and then attending a family reunion in Oregon on Labor Day. Afterwards, we plan to visit family in the Northwest and fly out to Chile from there.

It has been incredible to see the way God has cared for us! We have not been employed since last September up until now. Every need has been met and we have been blessed in more ways than we’ve ever imagined! We have confidence that the future holds great things for us and pray that you will see your desires materialize as you walk your own path of faith.
Isaiah 43:18-19
“Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder the things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth. Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

As we will be gone this fall and winter once again, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed holiday season. We will be thinking of you over the miles during our American Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and during those special days to remember including birthdays and anniversaries.
To so many, thank you for your prayers and the ways you have encouraged us.

Lots of love,
Larry & Darlene Hansen

February 27, 2006
To our valued friends and special family,

We returned back safe & sound in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after an exciting 2 months in southern Argentina & rural Chile. We are really experiencing now for the first time since heading to South America, the summer heat! Since the 3 cities of our outreach were in the southern parts, we were blessed with the cool mountain air and were never really uncomfortable, infact the nights were usually cold.

Darlene’s foot continued to heal throughout the trip, even though there was lots of walking involved, it is nearly back to normal. Larry continued to learn Spanish, and may even miss it when we head north. The outreach time was very special for us both and the two months flew by quickly. Before we knew it, it was time to return to our ‘home-away-from-home at school.

By the end of last week, every team had returned to join together for our graduation ceremony Saturday evening, and afterwards the meal out at a local all-you-can-eat restaurant, Argentine style. The India team especially enjoyed it, as they were meat deprived!

There is so much we could say about our trip, but it would take 5 pages to write everything, and we know your time is valuable. We were very blessed and challenged by all our experiences from clowning with the children in the street, working with the ‘Summer of Missions’ program, to a radio interview in a small pueblo in Chile. We met so many wonderful people we will not forget. We know our lives will never be the same.

We will be returning to the states on March 1, to visit with family and spend time with our daughter, Angela. We look forward to sharing with you if we have the opportunity, and find out what has been happening in your lives. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate each one of you!

Lots of love,
Larry & Darlene Hansen

Dear Friends & Family,

We have been so busy since we updated you last month. To our fellow Americans, we trust that you enjoyed a memorable Thanksgiving. We’ve really appreciated the personal notes some of you have been able to send. At times when we feel so far away, your letters help with the ‘home sickness’!

We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to build friendships & sit under the teaching of many awesome instructors from all over the world. As our theory phase comes to an end, we’re more confident than ever that we’re here in Argentina for a special purpose & it’s not a coincidence that we are here at this time.
We’re very excited for what lies ahead as we prepare to leave for practical outreach next week. (Dec 28)

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary fell on a school day. (December 6th) The students all prayed for & gave us hugs after Darlene sang an updated version of their wedding song to Larry.
All the tears & good wishes reminded us of the long reception line on our real wedding night! We decided to celebrate the following week-end by jumping a ferry in Buenos Aires & riding to Uruguay. (& also renew our travel visas)
We spent the night in a very cute hotel that served a great breakfast in the morning. We spent several hours traveling around the country on a not-very-fast golf cart that we rented, but we had a great time!

Darlene’s foot continues to heal but continually reminds her that she’s not as young as the majority of students here!
Larry is delighted along with the Argentines as he continues to put full sentences together in Spanish.
He gets lots of encouragement & applause from his classmates, so we’re certain he’ll be a pro before our remaining two months are finished.

As our team prepares to leave for S .Argentina & S. Chile, we’d like to ask you to PRAY for all of us as students & staff:

1. Safety & direction for all the outreach teams.
(India, South Africa, England, another team to N. Argentina & N. Chile)
2. Help with all the language barriers.
3. Finances for all involved.
4. That we would listen to & obey God in all He asks us to do.
5. To be a blessing as we travel & minister.

We hope that you all have a very blessed Christmas & a safe and Happy New Year. We’re not sure how often we’ll be able to check e-mail as we travel, but write us a note and we’ll answer as soon as we get the chance. We appreciate you all!

Love & Blessings,
Larry & Darlene Hansen


November 27, 2005
Dear Friends & Family,
We hope you all had a memorable Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones last week. We have so much to be thankful for! We missed being with family, but had a good day at school. An American on staff prepared a pumpkin pie that she shared with all the US citizens, then late that evening we shared some ‘beef’ with all who were able to sneak away from classes. (beef is plentiful & very cheap here) There is no turkey in Argentina, but someone found a place that a leg could be ordered for 300 pesos which is equivalent to a approximately $100. USD. We decided to skip the turkey this year!
It is such a blessing to have the luxury of e-mail. We have been able to keep in touch with our kids who are both doing well. Luca headed north to have Thanksgiving & visit with both sides of the family before returning to India. Angela is working hard, and spent the holiday with some friends in Arizona. We will sure be missing, but thinking of her this Wednesday as she celebrates her 22nd birthday alone.
We continue to be surprised at all the new changes in our own lives as we are challenged to move out of our ‘comfort zones’ and become a small part of the lives of others. Yesterday our school split into two teams, one going to a mental hospital to minister to patients, the other going to the streets of the Buenos Aires inner city to give clothing, medical attention and love to the children living there. There are numerous needs that we as individuals and churches don’t seem to have the time or energy to address, but if we take a moment to look, the face of Jesus comes in to focus in the least of these. We pray that these experiences will take us to a place of never desiring to return to our sterile bubble of comfort.
Thank you for your continued prayers. Larry is continuing to learn Spanish, although it’s frustrating at times. Darlene continues to ‘baby’ her swollen ankle, but it’s healing slowly. They will be leaving after Christmas to their practical outreach to Patagonia, Argentina to the city of Bariloche, then on to the country of Chile. Graduation will be the end of February after returning to Ituzaingo. We really enjoy the individual e-mails we receive, and apologize if the answers are brief. We try to check messages a couple times weekly, but often don’t have time for long answers. If you write we promise to answer, but we usually have the time to answer on the week-end.
Lots of love,
Larry & Darlene


October 14, 2005
Family and Friends,
I find myself with another week just about to end. Monday October 10th my birthday was a free day. Darlene & I left to go to town for the day. When I returned to the base that evening, the DTS Staff and students surprised me with a birthday party, and what a party it was! We'll send pictures for website ywash4him.com. Time is moving by so fast and the teaching is great. This week we had the pleasure of the director of the base (Steve Bishop) teaching on 'What is Man' along with different cultural & worldviews. He had us do a exercise of writing our views of Latinos, and how Latinos perceived the North Western hemisphere including the USA, Canada, U K, Germany, Lithuania, Korea, Switzerland and Ireland. After they read the answers, the Latinos seemed to have harsher views towards the west than did the west to the Latinos. The next day was a God day class. The Director asked if any students had comments they would like to share. All I can say is from that moment on the Holy Spirit had complete control. There was much forgiveness, healing, crying & praying for the nations to be healed from wrong assumptions and beliefs about culture and people. This week God's Spirit has broken through and I know I will never be the same. Many who are here and will go to bless the nations. Earlier this week I asked God why Latin America? His answer; "to know my love for all people and I haven chosen you because you don't know the language. You don't know the dance or customs. This means you need to rely on Me. You are doing what I have placed in your heart to show a pure love to those I have chosen from the far parts of the world." In that moment I asked God, "please forgive me for not believing your direction. Give me even a bigger heart of love to share." Tomorrow is a 24 hour fast. By the time you read this we as a body of believers will have called on God to show us where He wants to go to serve and love the way He loves us and show others that love too.

All My Love,
Lorenzo (Lawrence) Hansen
and from Darlene:
October 17, 2005
Hello All!
Boy, what an exciting week as Larry explained! We planned on heading into town to buy a couple of things and finish our letter to send off via e-mail, however our plans were changed somewhat. At 9:00am as we were hurrying down the road (since I had so much planned for the day) my foot twisted into a large pothole with a 'pop.' Everyone in ear's distance heard my response to my graceful move. Store merchants, neighbors and friendly bystanders on the road came to my assistance as I rolled around holding my foot in the air, singing a not-so-melodious song. One man helped elevate my foot, as Larry attempted to communicate. To make a long story short, the base director from the school was eventually contacted, picked me up, drove Larry to buy some ice and the remainder of the day I was on my back with my cold foot up. The local clinic opened at 5:00pm, so at the advice of the leaders, we took a taxi into town to see a doctor. We now have a lovely new black & white photo we purchased for our bedroom wall, which proves that my foot is not broken, the tendon is only twisted. The doctor prescribed some medication to help with inflammation & pain, and instructed me to keep my foot up with ice for the next week. This will be an adventure as class is down & our room is upstairs! I'm thankful for lots of friends to help.
Lessons learned:
Don't be in such a hurry
Always be flexible with your plans
Sometimes it's important to let others help you (many visitors came during the day offering assistance)
Watch where you're walking
I'm not as young as I used to be!
Since I can't walk into town now, the base offered us use of their computer so we hope to get this note sent soon.

Until later, lots of love &blessings,

Newletter #2

October, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, as you must have guessed, we arrived 9/18 in Argentina safe & sound with no problems, other than our first lesson in patience, as the Latin airline was 1 ½ hours late departing from Miami, (1:30 am) and then another late flight from Bolivia to Buenos Aries. Our new friend waiting for us at the airport didn’t seem too alarmed. Since he arranged for a small taxi to take us to Ituzaingo, it was very interesting fitting the 4 of us in the small car (which resembled a Metro) along with our luggage. Fortunately we brought bundgie cords to hold everything in the opened trunk for the remaining 1 ½ hour trip to the school. We were welcomed by friendly staff and shown to our little room. After the long trip it was good to take a shower (eventhough cold) and sleep lying down!

The following day we were picked up by & spent the first week with a very special family in their humble but comfortable home. The parents gave us their bed, which made us feel awful, but they insisted & were very happy to do it. They spoke only Spanish, but we were grateful their kids (age 27 &29) did speak some English. We were spoiled to death with every type of Argentine dish they could prepare, including ‘Asado’. (the outdoor BBQ) We rode the train to Buenos Aries to observe first-hand the famous ‘Tango’. On Darlene’s birthday, we were taken to a local theatre to watch the popular ‘Folk Lore’ dance of the country, then celebrated with a delicious triple layered birthday cake with the delicious ‘dulce de leche’ for filling. Larry had a frustrating but fun time trying to communicate with the man of the family. Although neither could speak the other’s language, they both laughed a lot! It was sad to say good-bye when they delivered us back to the school, but we realized we had definitely met some friends for life.

There are 47 students in our school, from 14 countries. A small minority speaks English. Argentine Spanish is weird! Darlene forgot until she arrived here, that her High School teacher informed the class there was a country in South America which spoke Spanish different, but we’d probably never go there! Oh well, they say if we learn Argentine, we can understand & speak any Spanish! The first school week came and went, beginning at 7:30am-8pm. The staff went easy, to break us in gently. (they call it the week of grace!) From here on out, the daily schedule will go through 10pm.

This morning Darlene attempted to catch up on laundry, by washing in the tub outside and hanging on the line, however she was surprised by a large spring rainstorm, (the seasons are backwards here) so both she and the clothes were washed at the same time! At the present, we wander through a maze as the clothes are drying in our room. We will attempt to try our luck with the public transport system today and visit the city of Moron. Sundays and Mondays will usually be our free days when we’ll look forward to our visit to the local internet café to hear from family and friends.

We are settling in fine. We sent some photos to Aunt Adella that she may include on the WebPage she’s put together. Thank you for your prayers. We’re very excited for all that lies ahead.
Until next time, keep smiling!

Larry and Darlene

Newsletter #1
September 16, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

If you are reading this note, you are included on the list for bulk mail updates from the Hansens. If you do not want further notes sent, please respond with return mail stating so, and we will gladly remove you from the list.

Well, tomorrow we leave for Argentina. I
It is exciting and scary at the same time.

A lifetime of hopes and dreams are finally coming to pass, although we are much aware of the fact that we really don't know exactly what we are getting ourselves into!

Thank you to all that have prayed for and been so patient with us throughout the years. Many thanks to our biological and church family who has supported us financially.

Blessings to our children who continue to love us even though they are still bearing the consequences of all our mistakes. We are grateful for enduring friendships and co-workers who send us off with many good wishes. Thank you, Aunt Adella for the gift of time and talent to put a website together for us.

If you believe that prayer workscwhenever you think of us, please pray for the following:

Angela as she remains in Arizona to work

Luca who plans to return to India soon

our attempt to master the Spanish language

our relationship in tight quarters 24:7

wisdom and direction for future decisions

whatever else comes to mind

You may wonder what the e-mail address stands for? Since we have always had a heart for children and a desire to teach and work along side those who want to serve, this was the verse that stood out to us,

"Since I, the Lord have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other's feet. I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you. How true it is that a servant is not greater than the master, nor are messengers more important than the one who sends them."
John 13:14-16 NIV

Until next time, blessings to you and your loved ones,
Larry and Darlene Hansen

Youth with a Servantfs Heart

Darlene and Larry's
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Juventud Con Una Mision (Jucum)
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Casilla 73 VI Region Pichilemu
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